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Unlike state prisons, those individuals convicted of a federal crime can be found using our Federal Inmate Locator database. With a huge database covering all federal prisons and inmates, it is a very simple process to find the data you need.

Our Federal Inmate Locator searchable database is very easy to use. Just enter the name of the individual and their state of residence at the time of conviction. It takes just a few mouse cliks to see if there is a match.

A Federal Inmate Locator search can be used for many valid reasons, not the least of which is a background check on an individual. Just because a person has a clean record in your state does not mean they have never been charged or convicted of a federal crime.
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Federal Inmate Locator

Who is a Federal Prisoner?

A federal prisoner is a person who has been convicted of violating federal laws. These convicts are sent to federal prison. People who may still be awaiting trial on federal charges may also be held in a federal prison.

On rare occasions, the federal bureau of prisons may also house state inmates on a temporary basis

Federal Inmate Locator Results May Include:

•  Person's Full Name
•  Criminal record
•  Conviction date
•  State & Fed Court records
•  Docket numbers
•  Offenses & Charges
•  Disposition date

and much more....


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